I no longer feel like a raving lunatic of stress since I fashioned by standing desk.

I anticipated some benefits from my new standing desk configuration, like less elbow and hip pain and less eye strain. But I didn't think I'd be less stressed in general. And yet, I am!

All things being equal

The start of the year hasn't been slow -- I've been working at warp speed, actually, and logging some pretty long days. So that's not why my stress level is lower. I'm still doing my daily relaxation meditation, which helps, of course. In short, nothing has changed except my workspace, so it has to be the standing.

More standing, less stress

The tension I usually carry in my shoulders in dramatically lower. I think this is in part because it's hard to hold your shoulders up around your ears when you're standing. Try it. And because my keyboard is at a good level, my shoulders kind of have to be down so my hands can reach the keys.

This is really important since I have repetitive stress injury (think tennis elbow for typists). My hands, wrists and elbows feel much better overall. This is in part because the new set-up keeps me from resting the ball of my hand on anything, reducing pressure. But it also has a lot to do with the muscles in my shoulders because everything trickles down from there. Less tension in the shoulders means less tension in everything else.

Try this at home (or the office)

If you walk around with a lot of stress in your neck and shoulders, maybe you should try standing up -- even if only for a portion of your day.