Nice interview with author Gay Talese in the Paris Review, which you can read right here. The most fun part for me, though, was the very beginning, where he talks about how he starts his writing day. I enjoyed it because I’m always interested in how writers write. What’s their process? What are their tricks?

If I’ve got a big day of writing on deadline, I simply cannot function without a pot of coffee on the desk. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not for the caffeine. It’s the smell and the taste. Without them, I don’t feel the urgency for some reason. So I just know on those days to fire up the kettle, grind up some beans and get writing.

On most days, though, I start by reading. I check a few blogs and my Twitter feed (which is populated mostly by sources for news and industries I’m interested in, not my friends’ navel-gazing), while listening to Morning Edition. Chances are good something will inspire a blog post and then, once I’m started, I’m ready to tackle client work. Interestingly enough, reading often helps me break writer’s block, as I’ve noted before here.

What’s your process? How do you get started?