October already? Man, where has the year gone?

We've been working hard around here to stay positive despite all the bad economic news. It's not like we've been immune. In the last two years, two of the airlines we wrote for ceased to exist, a major magazine client lost enough ad revenue to slash our contract by 75 percent, and two long-time clients finally had to pull the plug on freelance activities. It's enough to have you crying in your beer.

But I've survived previous recessions and I've learned that freaking out about it doesn't make it better. Sure, misery loves company. But my company doesn't profit from misery. So we mourn the loss of a client and rejigger our financial projections. Maybe I go for a walk, do a gratitude meditation or play with the dogs to take my mind off it. But we don't wallow in it.

Instead, we try to be more constructive. In spite of these setbacks, we're still actually working when so many people are not. We can make ends meet when so many people cannot. We have confidence that we can stay out of financial trouble, when so many people do not. We know we're lucky, and we're grateful.

And we get strategic. We look at how we can generate new business -- either from existing clients or new ones. And we try to stay positive. So far, the strategy has worked. We've added three new clients this year, and are in good shape to have a decent Q4. Sure, I'd like a "stellar" final period, but with things the way they are, I'll take decent. Positive cash flow is positive at any level these days!

What are you doing to stay positive?