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Updated December 2023

I'm superstitious and I'm always seeing "signs". I have to wear the same sweatshirt when Carolina plays basketball until we lose and then I switch. When I see a red-tailed hawk, I think it signals good luck. And when two good pieces about storytelling and a promo for STORIES: The AIDS Monument landed my lap on the same day, I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something.

Story gets a lot of lip service in the content marketing universe, but it's as old as the cave drawings. That's how important narrative is to us at people on an almost molecular level.

Read these terrific treatises on storytelling and start thinking about how you can incorporate some of these ideas and tactics into your work.

  1. Using storytelling to combat climate change from PRI's The World. Tips on how to deploy narrative to make something as critical, controversial and complicated as the climate emergency meaningful.
  2. Jane Lynch discussing the importance of memorializing those lost to AIDS/HIV via STORIES: The AIDS Monument project.

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