Here are some of the top-level take-aways I gleaned from Content Marketing World 2015. I'll share more specific insights in future posts.

76% of B2B organizations plan to produce more content in 2016. Only 30% of them know their content is effective. --Ann Handley

BackgroundContent Marketing Institutes Benchmarks report for 2015

My 2¢ worth of actionable info: Tips for creating and measuring B2B & B2C content marketing


"Stop making noise. Make less content and get more results." --Drew Davis


My 2¢ worth of actionable info: Identifying the right channels for your content marketing

gears“Activity does not equal productivity.” --Kristina Halvorson

My 2¢ worth of actionable info: Make your activity matter: How to develop consistent quality & How to improve relevance


"The reason we’re struggling with content marketing and because it’s ineffective is we don’t ask why." --KH

My 2¢ worth of actionable info: 3 questions you’re probably not asking


Provide value first: inform, entertain, solve. That will inspire activity. --David Beebe


Source: David Beebe's CMW slide deck

gears"Use a braver voice. It’s your gutsiest, bravest asset – and it’s vastly undervalued."--AH

My 2¢ worth of actionabel : The elements of voice & How to make your content sound right


All this takes us to the big take-away, this slide from CMW Founder Joe Pulizzi's opening remarks: