Tomorrow we're doing a half-day writing training program with the executive team of a large national insurance company. This is unusual. Mostly, we train up teams of professional writers -- marketing, sales support, PR, employee communications, creative. We always get *some* traction, but the fact is that training sticks more effectively if better writing and communicating is a corporate-wide value.

That's why we're so excited about this opportunity to do the first training with this company in the C-suite. The top management is serious about improving the quality of writing throughout the company, and the team's putting its money where its mouth is by going first. It's a clear signal that this is a high priority. And we expect them to see much higher adoption of techniques -- and improved written communication -- as a result.

As folks who make a decent living providing training, we pay a lot of attention to our clients' ROI. Here's an article that gives you more ideas on how to get more return on your corporate training investment:
The ROI of Training. And here's a list of our
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