snowy fence copyright 2008 Margot C. LesterThis will be the third year I've done Chris Brogan's 3 Words Exercise. This time last year, I settled on the 3 words to guide my 2012 activities and looked back on how I did with 2011's 3 words.

2012's 3 words were:

  1. Partner: Team up with others to develop new lines of business, make new connections and take advantage of bigger opportunities.
  2. Leverage: Use opportunities (particularly via volunteer work) to field test or adapt business ideas, develop new relationships and support goals.
  3. Create: Tap back into fun non-work projects to spark creativity.

This post isn't intended as a "Hey, look at me" self-promotional thing, though some of you may read it that way anyhow. I'm sharing this to show what's possible with three little words, in hopes it inspires you as you look forward to 2013.

In July, I posted a mid-year check-in on my progress. Here's the final update:

  • Partner Update:  I just entered a new partnership with the SwitchPoint Conference to provide media relations and outreach for the event, and I'm super-excited about the opportunity. Our first meeting's today, so stay tuned for more in the New Year!
  • Leverage Update: I've been quietly building a new line of business this year that I'm officially launching in 2013 -- coaching -- thanks to a friend who asked me to coach her through some challenging work and volunteer situations. It's something I'd done for folks before, but never "professionally", and a couple months later another friend called me to do some writing coaching with one of team--again, something I've been doing casually for years. I also returned to start-up coaching, with Mint Market and a couple other new ventures. Seemed like the universe was telling me something! I'll give you more information on that in 2013.
  • Create Update: Sadly, I don't feel like I succeeded much here. Sure, I made my stand-up desk, which I feel great about, and another for Steve, but I sort-of petered out after that. I may keep create on the list for 2013 just to keep myself focused.

Which brings us to the words under consideration for 2013:

  1. Create:  Take more photos and do more non-work projects that produce creative results.
  2. Build: Same as 1, kind of, but strictly business-related. Build the coaching business, build capacity for The Word Factory.
  3. Finish: Might resurrect this from 2011 because it was so good. Finish helps me remember to start stuff I have a good chance of completing (loose ends and orphaned projects drive me nuts) and to carve out dedicated time to completing (i.e., Big Project Friday).
  4. Synergize: A word I hate, so probably shouldn't use it, per se, but it makes sense to continue to find connections between the parts of my life and work and use them.
  5. Advocate: I do a lot of this already, but I might make it "official" and include advocating for people I care about in their pursuits as well as promoting programs and ideas that are important to me.

Glad I've got a week or so left to figure this out!

This is the last scheduled post for 2012. There might be some spontaneous outbursts between now and 2 January, but don't count on it.

Thanks for spending a little bit of your time with us this year. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and prosperous 2013 and beyond.


Margot Lester at her Daddy's knee

And a little shout-out to my Dad, Robert MacDonald Lester, who inspired me to be a writer and continues to encourage me from the Great Beyond.