I've been thinking lately about the random connections we make and how they can turn into really great things.

The catalyst for this is some folks I've met participating in a couple of webinars about webinars (of course!). I've been asked to give my first one -- a little late to the party, I know -- and wanted to get schooled up on how to do it right. Unfortunately, the two I chose were focused mostly on what, which I kind of had figured out already, instead of the super-valuable how that I needed. Now, that's an important take-away, but I was hoping for more. Luckily, I got more in the form of connections I made while Tweeting about the event using its hashtag.

Shelley Ryan, queen of the webinar

One of the people I ran into is Shelley Ryan, owner of Killer Webinars. And she rocks. Not only did we have similar observations about the session, but we have similar business philosophies and styles. Now we're trying to figure out how we can help each other. Plus she's already helped me by offering some kick-ass webinar making tips (and there are a bunch more in the articles on killerwebinars.com or you can check out her services here).

The take-away? Be active and open in your search for knowledge and in your participation in events. The webinar itself was a dud, but my decision to log into it and Tweet about it ended up yielding more than I bargained for. I got the information I needed and I added a smart and funny person to my network. I also have a trusted new partner or referral for clients who want to do webinars. That's a solid return on my original investment.

So, get out there and be active and open!