Anyone else noticing the challenge of communicating complex concepts via email to people managing their messages on mobile devices? If I had a dime for the number of times I've been told, "Oh, I don't read anything longer than a paragraph or two when I'm on my phone" or "I don't open attachments when I'm on my phone." That wouldn't chap me so much if being "on the phone" was a some-time thing. But more and more of our friends, colleagues and clients are on their hand-helds all the livelong day. So a lot of information isn't getting read.

I could rail against our device-driven lives, but you'd just look at me the way the lady at the Apple Store did yesterday when she learned I really, truly didn't want a smart phone, thanks very much. In lieu of trying to make y'all conform to my way of doing business, I'm working on a new way of composing emails that's optimized for mobile consumption. I'm even making a logo for it (in Publisher 2003 on my Thinkpad -- take that, hipsters!).

Have you noticed a similar phenomenon? And how much will you read, comprehend and retain on your own mobile device? Leave your comments below.  Thanks!