In general, I love my work. But yesterday was one of those days that I really felt good about loving my work. We spent the day in Detroit and it was fantastic. Our social media sessions were over-subscribed, which is always good for the ego, but what was more gratifying was just how positive the folks there were about what’s happening.

It’d be easy to expect everyone to be down and out in Detroit, given the situation with the auto industry and the general economic malaise still affecting our nation. And, yes, many people have fled in search of new opportunities while others are waiting for something better to come their way. But the folks at FastTrac to the Future (read Crain’s report on it here) were confident things are going to come around, and they wanted not to be ready for it, but to help make that happen.

They're not waiting for opportunity to knock -- they're tracking opportunity down. They're focused on positioning themselves for success right now so when things start getting better, they'll be ready to roll. We knew doing this work would make us more grateful for the blessings we have, but after spending the day around those fine folks, Steve and I were beyond gratitude. We were uplifted and inspired. And it's just not every day you leave working with those feelings!

So thank you, Detroit!


Yesterday was the debut of our new job search strategies workshop on using social media (check it out here). Judging from the evaluations and the comments we got after each session, it’s a hit.

We’re very interested in presenting to other organizations helping people find work – whether they’re job-related nonprofits or companies providing outplacement services to their soon-to-be former employees. And we’ve got a range of workshops available from resume- and cover letter-writing to social media (you can see the entire series here). Let me hear from you: