It’s no secret to anyone who’s known me for more that 5.5 minutes that I’m a ginormous sports fan. College hoops, college and pro football, NASCAR – those are my faves.

Now, I’ve watched some hockey in my day (after the famous “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” U.S. Olympic performance), but I’d never really gotten hooked till this year’s playoffs. Not only have I become a full-fledged Cane-iac; man, I’ve even been watching the Penguins! I blame our friend Scottie, the Buffalo-area native who lives and dies with the Sabres (sorry, Scottie!). He finally lured me over to the dark side and now I’m a fan with the zeal of the converted.

Why is this newfound love of hockey a worthy topic for The Word Factory blog? Last night, the Carolina Hurricanes rallied after a bad call early in Game 7 to win in overtimein what was truly a team effort. Good passing, lots of help, etc.

And that’s the model we use in building our company and working with clients. Our team works hard to meet our own company’s goals, and we work together to meet our clients’ organizational goals, too.

It’s possible to be very successful on your own. But we think it’s more fun to succeed with others. At least that ensures it will be a whole lot less lonely at the top!

So if you’re looking for a few contract players on your company team, we’re always ready to play.