Winding up a very busy September!

We’re working a bunch of proposals this week – nice to have opportunities for new business. More than anything, this – to me – is a sign that things are picking up slightly in terms of business spending. Now, I still expect to see some more layoffs. And definitely another round of foreclosures, this time fueled more by unemployment than bad mortgage lending. So I’m not thinking we’re out of the woods yet. But I think businesses may have more confidence than consumers at this point. Fingers crossed.

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• This week I’m finishing up a spotlight on Stamford, Conn., for Architect; and three articles for UNC Health Care.

• Steve is writing this month’s op-ed piece for the Citizen.

• I’m interviewing 5 young cinematographers, and addressing editor queries on my article about “The September Issue”, a documentary chronicling the creation of the largest issue of Vogue every year. Both are for the International Cinematographers Guild magazine.

• And I’ll finally put to bed an article on community beyond housing for Developer magazine.

• Steve and I have started working on our next books, the first we’re doing for an adult audience. Should be fun. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Have a fantastic week!