SOURCE ALERT, part 1: I'm in dire need of an expert on hiring in the hospitality industry. An HR person at a large hotel chain would be ideal, but at this point I'll take a regional or property manager who can speak to industry trends. This is for, so nice exposure! Email me ASAP. Thanks!

Lots of meetings and conference calls this week. Here's what we'll be doing in between them:

I'm finishing up some messaging research for our pharma client and starting work on a key message architecture. For the same client, Carolyn's researching healthcare organizations dealing with rabies and tetanus cases in target states.

Steve's writing his National Journal post for the week and working on a few other essays.

Carolyn and I are launching a market research project for the Kauffman Foundation's FastTrac program. We're interviewing officials at universities and colleges who've purchased the textbooks, and prospective customers.

I'm interviewing an ER doc and a psychiatrist about holiday-related maladies and how to avoid/treat them for uNC Health Care. I'll also be interviewing Dr. Chip McAllister, who's dedicating a heart institute at UNC this week. The feature will appear in the N.C. Medical Foundation's Bulletin.

My profile of Portland, Ore., -- one of my favorite cities! -- is coming along for Architect magazine.

And I'll be finishing and filing my articles on the Hughes Brothers' upcoming film, The Book of Eli, for the Cinematographers Guild magazine.

That's what we're up to. Have a great week!