Leverage the power of your ideas.

Thought leadership content marketing is a solid opportunity to position yourself as a knowledgeable, trustworthy source of actionable information, thoughtful insights or empathetic communication.

Beyond your own website/blog, your LinkedIn page and opinion pages, there are other opportunities to get your ideas in front of others. SmartBrief* welcomes submissions for its original content channels serving a wide range of verticals. And LinkedIn is preparing to roll out a new Stories feature, specifically designed to share ideas and deepen conversations on the platform.

One of the hardest parts of creating thought leadership content is the writing. The ideas might be easy enough to jot down, but nailing the voice and tone can be a challenge. And then there's figuring out which details are the most valuable so you get the most out of your word count.

I've got a tried-and-true strategy to plan and develop thought leadership pieces -- from blog posts to articles to presentations (below). And a writing coaching approach that guides you through drafting and revision to produce copy that delivers information and impact -- working one-on-one or in a team workshop or webinar.

The Word Factory's People-Information-Goals Strategy

Download our one-sheet guide to creating thought leadership marketing content.

Contact me if you need help with the writing aspect of your thought leadership strategy. I can help you vet topics, select the best angle, and produce a piece that gets the right kind of attention.

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* SmartBrief is a client of The Word Factory. They didn't solicit this mention, nor is it part of our contract with them. And we don't get a bounty if any of our readers pitches a blog. I legitimately think this is a great opportunity to share your ideas.