Even though we do a fair bit of business in Canada, where we have to do bilingual everything, I still learn so much working with the folks at Lionbridge. Here are two recent articles on international content marketing I produced for them:

Photograph of the Terr-A-Qua Globe on Display at the National Archives, 1973

Reasons You Need a Multi-Lingual Content Strategy

Think you can get by without a multilingual marketing strategy? After all, don’t most people in the world speak English? Yes, they do. But the answer to the first question is still probably “no”. Check out the top reasons to make your content marketing multi-lingual.

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business Globally

You may well have been using video already in your international marketing, but now you can add more visual oomph to your campaigns. Here are some tips for how to use Instagram to market your business globally. But according to Forrester, more people engage with Instagram than any other platform as a percentage of active users. Here's what you need to know to go global with a visual content marketing strategy.