Ideas are powerful. That's why it's vital that we enhance our ability to nuture and present them to others. Check out these posts to get the tools and techniques you need to pitch and present your ideas.

How to capture and convey the power of your ideas

2 ways to quickly pull together your ideas

We all have ideas we want to share -- for our jobs, our community work or at home. But it's not always easy to communicate those ideas, especially if we're pressed for time, anxious or if the situation is charged. Read more.

5 steps to build a strong case

Here's another strategy for communicating your ideas: The Position-Rationale-Proof Strategy™. It's especially helpful when you want or need to provide a lot of rationale or support. I like it because it's an easy way to create a logical framework. Get the strategy.

4 tactics to generate ideas and solutions

Sometimes, there's no amount of pre-writing or drafting that you can do to get your ideas ready for prime time. That's when you've got to change things up. Stepping away from the ride frees your mind to think more clearly and figure out key elements of your idea before you take it public. See how it's done.

How to make abstract ideas more concrete

By doodling a picture, we start to make the concept concrete. Labeling specific aspects of the drawing brings additional detail to the picture, and a caption pulls it all together into a cohesive statement. Check out the details.

Build a better idea pitch with 4 questions

Sometimes our ideas don’t get picked up because we didn’t present them effectively. Use my 4-question framework to capture the most important information the audience needs to give your idea its due. Take a look at the questions.

How to create thought leadership content

Thought leadership content marketing is a solid opportunity to position yourself as a knowledgeable, trustworthy source of actionable information, thoughtful insights or empathetic communication. Check out The People-Information-Goals Strategy™, my tried-and-true tool to plan and develop thought leadership pieces -- from blog posts to articles to presentations -- and a writing coaching approach that guides you through drafting and revision to produce copy that delivers information and impact. Learn to be a thought leader.

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