I've got a whopping three articles in the most recent edition of the International Cinematographers Guild magazine, including a piece on Kent Harvey, a camera-toting mountaineer who shot a special film for Eddie Bauer on Mt. Everest. The piece turned out well, and the art director did me so right with the layout and incredible use of photographs. Too bad there are some errors created by the copy editor. *sigh*

Into Thin Air
by Margot Carmichael Lester

There’d been a lot of avalanche activity coming down off the west ridge of Everest. Kent Harvey had just said that he should set up the camera to shoot it when a massive icefall avalanche cut loose. It was going to sweep right across the climbing route through the Khumbu Icefall where several climbers were. “The avalanche’s powder cloud and wind blast swept all the way down and through base camp,” the operator and DP recalls. “In a matter of minutes, word came over the radios that two people, one of whom I had known for years, had been blown into a crevasse. They were later rescued. Unfortunately the Sherpa they were climbing with was never found.” Knowing he would be doing several trips through that area was certainly unsettling. “There’s no doubt that traveling through the icefall was a bit of a gamble — Everest can offer up a lot of scary moments,” Harvey admits of the 29,029-foot peak, the highest point above sea level on earth. “Many of us are familiar with various tragic stories. When you’re there, those stories take on a greater relevancy”.

Download Into_Thin_Air to continue reading! (Please be patient -- even though I deleted the full-bleed photos, the file is huge!)