One of the more rewarding projects we’ve worked on since 1995 is the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Research Center’s newsletter, Cancer Lines. It’s a project close to the hearts of many of us here at The Word Factory, especially for me.

That’s in part because the client rep, Dianne Shaw, was my high school English teacher. I liked her so much, the only English electives I chose were taught by her. After Shakespeare, she took a group of us on an exchange program to the UK and we experienced Merry Olde England together. So when she left teaching and became the PIO for Lineberger, it was a total kick to be her go-to gal for copy. Although I have to admit the first couple of issues had me a little worried that she’d still be grading me!

But there’s a deeper reason writing about folks who’re trying to cure cancer and improve its treatment and prevention: my dad, Bob Lester, died of colon cancer. As did his father. And my grandmother Memory had breast cancer. So did a couple of very close friends. So, whatever I can do to help people figure cancer out, I’m going to do.

Here’s the latest issue: Spring 2009 Cancer Lines. Be sure to check out Claire’s profile of researcher HJ Kim on page 4. And if you’re into science, the cover story on epigenesis is pretty cool, if I do say so myself!