This week's Carrboro Citizen is hot off the presses. My contribution: a story on a local brewer-to-be:

Get yer beer here
by Margot C. Lester

It’s an old story that Wall Street still isn’t helping Main Street when it comes to lending to small business. And even though the folks in Washington say they’re working on that, tangible results are still a ways off.

But the current economic climate’s not dampening the spirits of Erik Lars Myers. The Chapel Hill resident plans to secure $40,000 in start-up funding for his craft beer-making business, Mystery Brewing Co. (, via a campaign on the micro-financing site To date, he’s raised about 20 percent of the total. Myers will only get the funding if he reaches his goal by July 23. (Myers isn’t alone in thinking now’s the time for microbreweries. The mid-south region boasted the largest growth in craft beer sales in 2009 and the state is currently home to more than 40 breweries. Three more are slated to launch this year.) Continue reading...

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