Landed a great opportunity to guest blog for freelancing juggernaut Elance. Here's my first post:

Punching Up Your Copy

Sure, everyone knows how to write a sentence, but crafting punchy, exciting, and cleanly written content can be daunting for some. Margot Lester, an expert freelance writer and co-author of Be A Better Writer, shares her tips to add some serious zip to your next piece of content.

If you’ve been writing for more than five minutes, you’ve probably been told your writing needs more “punch”. And if you’re like me, your response is something like, “Thanks, but what the heck does that actually mean?” (Ok. That’s just what I want to say).

People use the term so frequently and offer clear explanations and actionable advice so infrequently that no workable definition of “punchy” copy exists. But neither does “safe” offshore oil drilling and people still keep asking about that, too.

Over the years, I’ve tried to come up with a set of models and criteria that pin down punch. Based on input from clients and my own experience, I’ve determined that punchy copy meets these criteria:

  • Striking and precise description
  • Strong verbs
  • Simple sentences
  • Flowing rhythm
  • Concise expression of ideas

From this, I developed a few strategies that snag that pesky punch and bend it to my will!

Want to know how? Read the full post here.


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