It won't surprise anyone that trust is a huge issue for people in relationships. In my capacity as's Ask Margot, I get tons of letters on this topic. Here are the latest:

Dear Margot,
I met a guy online about nine months ago and we’ve been talking about marriage a lot lately. So I went online and deleted my profile. I noticed his profile is hidden, but he checks it every day. What is he checking on? Why keep going back? What do you think is going on?
— Spying Now On Other Partner

Dear Margot,
I’ve been dating a girl I met online three months ago. She’s very into me, but won’t even tell me where she lives because she was stalked about a year ago and is really skittish. Should I push this issue or just sit and be patient?
— Decent Guy

Dear SNOOP and Decent Guy,
I get a lot of questions along these lines. Dating in the electronic age has its own set of challenges. That’s the bad news. The good new is, they’re easily overcome and the solutions are applicable to all relationships, whether they’re forged online or IRL. Because most boil down to one thing.

Now, I’m no zookeeper, but there’s an 800-pound gorilla standing between you and your partner. And the gorilla’s name is Trust. Keep reading for advice.


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