Last week, Steve's super-generous cousin Mark got us tickets to Stephen Strasburg's debut for the Washington Nationals. It was an incredible night!

In light of that experience, I was pleased to see this article rear its head again:

All-star breakups: How to send her to the showers
By Margot Carmichael Lester

Breaking up is hard to do. But it’s possible to end a relationship without coming off like Bart Giamatti ripping Pete Rose from the record books. Instead of throwing your usual bean ball, why not try a change-up instead?

“So many guys try to ‘spare her feelings’ when they break up,” says Shelby. “I wish they’d just learn to tell the truth. That would be a nice change.”

What? Admit you’ve decided you don’t enjoy her company after all? Divulge that you find someone else more attractive? Admit you no longer want to spend time in her dugout after you’ve crossed home plate? Talk about a suicide squeeze!

Perhaps. But if you handle the situation with class and humility, it doesn’t have to be a shouting match behind home plate, or a bench-clearing brouhaha at the pitcher’s mound.
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