My latest Ask Margot for

Dear Margot,
My boyfriend and I often sleep over (actual sleeping ONLY, as we do not believe in premarital sex due to our faith) at each other’s apartments. But through his employer he recently got a new, furnished apartment that has only a twin bed. Since my bed is bigger, he has basically moved into my apartment, spending every night here. I love him a lot, and I love spending all my time with him, but he is pushing the limits. We don’t need to live together yet; we aren’t married or even engaged — our families would be livid! How do I tell him he needs to go home once in a while without hurting his feelings?

Dear Cramped,
I know how you feel: I once shared a 743-square-foot cottage with a roommate and a dog. It was crowded enough without assorted significant others hanging around. Your dude’s gradual migration is pretty common among couples in which one has better, bigger, nicer digs than the other. Sounds like your guy not only likes you, he likes your bed, too.

Now, the easy answer is to save your pennies and buy him a bigger bed. The harder answer is to talk to him honestly and respectfully about why this living arrangement isn’t working for you and what kind of arrangement will. Continue reading here.