This is one of my favorite articles for, featuring two good friends of mine!

Take romance outside this summer

by Margot Carmichael Lester

Summer means more time outside—and more opportunities for outdoor romance. Besides other people, there are a few things you should look out for if you’re going to smooch it up in the woods or on the beach.

“First thing to know is that the outdoors is full of all sorts of ground-crawlers and airborne critters, plus various organic floating flotsam that are invisible to the human eye,” cautions Tom Bourne, a hiking guide based in Bothell, WA. “So, situations of maximum skin exposure and unmindful thrashing about maximize the potential for contact with life forms on the roam—much of which find the exotic odors and moist nooks of human acreage a delightful respite, or perhaps even a new homestead to plant roots and raise young on.”

Unappetizing… but true!

To avoid these critters, you could engage in mutual application of insect repellent, but it can often irritate sensitive skin, so it’s not advisable for all areas. Then again, itching and scratching is decidedly unromantic. So what’s a nature lover to do? continue reading