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Succeed at e-communications

Succeed at e-communications

by Margot Carmichael Lester

If you’re looking for love online, you know that your
e-communications are the first chance you have to make a good
impression. Yet many of us struggle to craft engaging subject lines,
scintillating IMs and compelling emails. “Many of us write unoriginal
electronic communiqués because when we’re trying to connect with
someone, the most important trait is our authentic voice,” says Steve
, author of
Be A Better Writer. “But that’s the least
important trait we learn in school. So after years of education, it’s
almost impossible to tap into that.”

As a result, when we get to the moment of having to write, we struggle
to find the right words. We try hard to be interesting and snappy, but
end up sounding stilted or unoriginal because we haven’t had a lot of
practice accessing our true voices.

With more and more people looking online for love, improving the quality
of your e-communication could improve your odds of meeting someone.
here to find out how to wow each prospective date with your words.