P2060012A Labor (Day) of love

By Margot Carmichael Lester

Looking for love this summer but having no luck so far? Don’t let your quest for love fizzle in the doldrums. Instead, take action! Here are five tips that will improve your chances of dating
someone new by Labor Day.

1. Flirt till it hurts. “At least three times a day, stop someone in the name of love,” suggests Debbie Nigro, chief executive girlfriend of www.FirstWivesWorld.com. “Smile and give him or her a genuine compliment. Why? When you smile, you always look your best. That person feels good, you feel good. Plus, the more love you give, the more love comes back to you.” And just getting comfortable talking to new people is a good confidence-builder in and of itself — even if nothing comes of it right away.

Extra credit: Take the initiative and go for the ask. “If someone at the beach catches your eye, don’t stop with casual chit-chat, ask that person out,” says Chris Pacetti of Wilmington, DE. “This goes for women, too. Guys feel like a million bucks when a woman does the asking.”

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