Mind Your Job Search Netiquette with These TipsMy latest for Monster.com:

Mind Your Job Search Netiquette with These Tips

Even in a world of gee-whiz technology, some old-fashioned ideals -- like manners -- aren’t outmoded. Business etiquette in general, and netiquette in particular, are crucially important to your career. Why? Because in an intensely competitive job market and with all other factors being equal, the candidate with better conduct is more likely to get the offer.

“Recruiters and companies presume competence based upon observable behaviors,” says Jodi R. R. Smith,
founder of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, Massachusetts. If you don’t exhibit them, employers may take you out of the running, she says.

Here are some can’t-miss tips for exercising good etiquette during your job search: https://career-advice.monster.com/job-search/getting-started/job-search-netiquette-tips/article.aspx.


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