It's funny that for the five years I lived in Hollywood, I didn't really have much to do with the movie industry. I had some friends who were in it, sure. Eddie Izzard rented a house up the street, and I'd see stars from time to time at the Ralph's. They occasionally filmed something on my street. Mostly I was inconvenienced by the Oscars and location shoots. Now that I've returned to my old hometown here in the Southern Part of Heaven, though, I'm actually more involved in the industry than ever thanks to my gig with the International Cinematographers Guild. Bravo for life's little ironies!

This month, I've got two features in the ICG mag, both on The Book of Eli, the Hughes Brothers' latest epic. It's in theatres nationwide today. The interview I did with Albert Hughes hasn't been posted yet, but here's the cover story: The RED Planet. I'd go to see it just for the bungee cam sequence!


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