Barry reacts to the realization that he's not getting all he can from Linkedin.

Must be something in the air because people have been asking me a lot about Linkedin lately. So here are my favorite ways to get more from the service:

  1. Complete and update your profile. Seems obvious, bears repeating. Revise your profile whenever your title, accomplishments or key words change. Get some tips here.
  2. Join and contribute to Groups. One of the best ways to make contacts and build your online reputation. And it doesn't have to take up a lot of time. Here are some tips for choosing and using groups.
  3. Ask and answer questions. The Answers function is an easy way to get and give information, helping you learn faster and grow your sphere of influence. See some strategies for writing good answers here.
  4. Recommend people. When you have a genuinely great thing to say about somebody, say it on their profile. Here's how to write a good rec fast.
  5. Post your status. This is such an easy way to let people in your network know what you're up to. Try to do it at least once daily.

I know you're busy, but dedicate a few minutes each day to updating and participating and you'll start getting more results from your Linkedin presence!

Of course, you can get a lot more if you pay for one of the premium packages. But they ain't cheap.