Here are the top-performing posts of the first quarter:

Grammar, perfectionism and dominant culture. Our most-read post. "Grammar isn't the enemy, but it is a tool of perfectionism, an important aspect of dominant culture and white supremacy. Knowledge and application of "correct" grammar is an easy way to separate and denigrate people. If you don't know the rules, you can't be in club. Or get the job. Or earn certain people's respect. And because dominant culture is so prevalent (duh!), if you do know the rules, you don't even think of them as tools of judgment or worse. It's in the air." Read more about the problem with grammar and perfectionism.

What is the definition of content?

What *is* content, anyway? Content is information presented with a purpose distributed to people in a form through a channel. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of each element.

Two strategies for writing with more clarity and impact. One easy way to improve your writing is to invest time thinking before you start typing. Explore the two strategies we use to organize our thoughts.