And we're back!

Hope you had a restorative close to 2017 and have gotten 2018 started with a bang.

Here's a look back at our top content marketing blog posts from 2017. These are the posts our readers found the most valuable.

Our Best Content Marketing Advice of 2017

1. Fake News: Won’t get fooled again

These days it's not always easy to identify unreliable sources of information. Check out our tips for being more discerning, and for finding stronger and more credible resources.

2. Content Marketing: 10 steps for serial story-telling

Make it easier for people to find the information they need along the buying journey with serialized content. See how we do it.

3. Content Marketing Advice: Create more context

Want to get more from the freelancers, contractors and agencies you work with to create content marketing? Learn why a little more context goes a long way.

4. Writing Tip: How to pick the right words

Clearer language and more effective words make our writing / content marketing more effective. Try our strategies for stronger word choice.

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5. How to make abstract ideas more concrete

Explain abstract concepts in words -- like where we are now, where we wants to go or what we wants to be, or what the world looks like when we're successful -- is challenging. Take a peek at our strategy for making abstract ideas more concrete: doodling.

And here's a handful of other popular posts: