Here are our top-performing content marketing and brand journalism posts for Q2 2017:

How to spot misleading content

Learning how to identify deliberately misleading content, also known as "fake news" or "alternative facts", is a core skill for all of us, whether we're researching a project or trying to gather information for personal use. Here's a process for vetting information sources.

How to make abstract ideas more concrete

The Draw-Label-Caption Strategy as featured in Be a Better WriterIt's difficult to explain abstract concepts, particularly when we're talking about branding. That's why conference room bookshelves are lined with brand books and vision statements that nobody understands, much less uses. Sometimes, the best way to get more concrete ideas is to draw them. Try this strategy to doodle with purpose!

Anatomy of an explainer piece

This is a Facebook laptop stickerExplainers are awesome pieces of content that are especially helpful for people who are just starting to learn about something, or for people who want a deeper understanding of hows and whys. They're particularly useful for customers at the top or middle of the funnel, and as support tools for your sales team. Learn how to write an explainer.



And a bonus post from the archives:

6 Traits of a Great Customer Service EmailThis popular post earned a mention in Scott Monty's Full Monty newsletter!