The World Factory's manipulated photo holiday card designed by Margot Carmichael Lester

One last thing before we close out 2019: a quick look back at our most-read posts of the year:

Infuse more empathy in your content marketing.

Since noting a trend toward empathy in the sessions of Content Marketing World 2019, I've been putting processes in place to help us write with more empathy for the audience. Check out the strategy I developed to make adding empathy intentional and easier.

Be a more effective writer and editor.

As the editor-in-chief of our merry band of brand journalists, a content producer and a writing coach, I know both sides of the equation. Learn a few simple tricks for revising and editing your own or someone else's work.

Do these things before quitting your job to go out on your own.

A quarter of a century ago (OMG!), I left my job at a top 10 business school to hang out my shingle as a business owner. Read my advice on things you need to consider and tasks you need to complete before you ditch your full-time gig.

Deploy SMEs to amplify content.

We provide a lot of extra services for our clients. One of the easiest things we do is send links to published content out to the SMEs who contributed encouraging them to share it socially. This simple tactic extends your reach, improves credibility and drives thought leadership.

Support small businesses. The smaller enterprises in your ecosystem benefit greatly from your help, whether that's sending them work, discounting your services to them, or promoting their business to your community. One of the most popular posts this year delivers actionable tips on how larger companies can support their smaller counterparts.

photo by Margot Lester of a tissue box at the Newseum's 9/11 exhibit
Newseum 9/11 Exhibit © 2014, Margot C. Lester

I'd also like to take a moment to note the closure of The Newseum, a wonderful asset that's suspending operation today. It will continue, however, to showcase front pages from around the country via its website.

Here's hoping it's resurrected in 2020.