Here are the topics that were of most interest to blog readers in the first quarter of 2021:

  1. Why we need the writing process -- The writing process divides the task into distinct functions so we can focus our minds and our work more efficiently. Each step builds on the other, creating a logical flow through and ending with a strong piece that's ready for publication. When teams use the same process, quality and efficiency are increased at scale.
  2. How to improve writing with careful word choice -- Why you need to understand the connotation of words if you want to be a better writer.
  3. Our 2021 Corporate Social Justice Report -- We're walking our talk on racial equity and anti-racism. See the results of our efforts.
  4. Content ideas for Women’s History Month -- Inspiration for Women's History Month content from The Word Factory Team. Too late for this year, sure. But use it to plan for next year.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in what we have to say. We appreciate you!