Want to create more effective content? Check out our most-read posts from last year, which include our definition of content and our advice on organization, quality, email marketing and hiring a writing coach. Two essays also garnered a lot of interest, including my piece on how grammar and perfectionism support white supremacy and Pete's encouragement for potential memoir-writers. We're so grateful for your readership!

Writing Advice & Insights

What is the definition of content?

How do you define content?

See our definition and the rationale for developing it here.

Writing tip: How to organize your ideas

Organizing your thoughts before you start writing boosts productivity and improves quality fast. Click here to see how.

When to hire a writing coach

Becoming a more effective communicator takes work. You certainly can do it yourself. Or you can hire a coach. Here's the information you need to decide which option is best.

Mini Case Study: Email marketing with empathy & kindness

For many folks, holidays bring up painful feelings of sadness, isolation, anger and trauma. Since most marketing is targeted to a broad audience, we're subjected to these messages without a thought. Click here to see how to create more empathetic email marketing.

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Personal Essays

Essay: Grammar, perfectionism and dominant culture

Grammar isn't the enemy, but it is a tool of perfectionism, an important aspect of dominant culture and white supremacy. Knowledge and application of "correct" grammar is an easy way to separate and denigrate people. See why I think this and why it's time to change our approach.

Pete gives you all the reasons you should go right ahead and write that personal history right now. Read his rationale here.

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