Artis struisvogel leest krant van oppasser / Ostrich reads newspaper of caretaker

Here are the most-read articles from the blog this quarter:

  1. Content Marketing Take-Aways from the HighFive Conference: Key take-aways and words of wisdom from Scott Monty, Ann Handley and other speakers at the 2016 High Five Conference in Raleigh, N.C.
  2. Visual Content Marketing: How to create more: Ideas and tips from me and designer Juanita Wrenn to help you generate visual content quickly and easily, even if all you have is one person with smart phone.
  3. How to Get More from Participating in Awards Competitions & Contests: 5 ways to yield more benefits from entering awards competitions, even if you don't earn a shiny trophy.
  4. Writing Tip: Create more impact by cutting the conditional: A quick look at how the conditional tense weakens our writing, and a few tips for learning to write without it.
  5. How to Create Better Informational Emails: A comparison of two informational emails reveals best practices for your writing.

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