This is the cover design I liked best. A slightly modified version was ultimately used.*

I used to be a production manager and a creative director for print publications. It was a nice meeting of a business I grew up in (printing) and the commercial design and photography that I trained in. Though I left that work behind more than a decade ago as any meaningful part of my business, I do sometimes still dabble in it.

The Carrboro Guide, published by the Town of Carrboro and produced by the Carrboro Citizen, is a project that brought me back to production management. Our team wrote all the content for the piece, too. Like many projects, the finished piece is fantastic, but I wouldn't want you to see it being made!

For a look at our handiwork, and/or to learn more about our fair city, click here. Please be patient. It's a ginormous file!

*Hat tip to Liz Holm and Alex Maness for their great work on this.