I don't know that Claire nor I graduated from journalism school thinking we'd spend so much of our professional lives covering business, in particular real estate development/design and the economy (read some of our reporting here). But here we are, and we're loving it. And after years of covering the industry in markets from Los Angeles to Ocala, we've developed deep industry domain experience.

Covering the economy and real estate, which are so intertwined, puts us at the heart of what's happening in our communities and our country. It's compelling stuff.

Here's our latest spotlight for Architect Magazine, this time focusing on economic and real estate development in Columbus, Ohio.

Grange Insurance Audubon Center (photo courtesy Design Group)

There’s more to discovery city than the Buckeyes. Columbus, Ohio, may be home to Ohio State University, with the largest college campus in North America, and certainly a major driver of design and development in the city. But several smaller colleges and universities, as well as research institutions such as the Batelle Memorial Institute and Chemical Abstracts Service, also call Columbus home. Not to mention the major corporations headquartered in the city, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Nationwide Insurance, and NetJets. (Continue reading by clicking here)


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