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I'm a rabid college basketball fan. It's a family thing that began with my great-uncle, Cartwright Carmichael (above), who was the first All-American in any sport at UNC, and that sport happened to be basketball. (His brother, my granddaddy, Daddy Bill, also played). Uncle Cart was on the 1924 National Championship team. My family's been crazy about the game ever since. So later this week, you'll find me working in front of the wall-to-wall marathon of what is now the "second" round of the NCAA D1 men's basketball tournament. (I'll also be watching the Tar Heel women on their tournament journey).

I've managed to push my love of hoops into my work for My latest explains the love lessons you can get from college hoops, with tips from ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, NPR analyst Tom Goldman and TBS analyst Steve Smith, among others: Love Lessons from March Madness.

It's not proper sports journalism, of course, but everybody needs some light seasonal content. Here are previously penned articles, too:

Go Heels!