In my second MTV-related article in a month, I interviewed the ladies of Downtown Girls to get their views on dating, careers and success in the Big Apple. (Here's the other piece: Love Lessons from MTV).


By Margot Carmichael Lester

When you’re building your career, it can be hard to build a love life. And when you’re living in New York City — with one of the largest single populations in the nation — it can be even tougher. So we asked the career- and romance-minded ladies from MTV’s new reality show, Downtown Girls, how they balance work, life and love in the big city.

First, meet the women:

Gurj works in digital media for Atlantic Records, has a serious boyfriend, and is the “voice of reason.”
Klo was laid off last year and hopes to start a no-kill animal shelter — after she’s done planning her wedding.
Nikki owns the high-end Nikki Laura clothing boutique, and claims to have dated every Jewish guy in Manhattan.
Shallon is a relationship blogger for who dishes out good advice — but doesn’t always take it.
Victoria is an aspiring attorney whom the girls call the “queen of the first date.”

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