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By Margot Carmichael Lester

We all remember the “big panties” that disgraced Bridget Jones. Or the tighty-whities that showed off Tom Cruise's assets. So what does your underwear say about you as a date? We asked fashion consultants and designers for their revealing insights.

Women’s delicates
Come date night, a gal might just obsess about what she’s going to wear under her clothes as much as she does about the outfit she chooses to show off on the outside. Before you rifle through your “delicates” drawer, check out our experts’ thoughts on what your preferred unmentionables say about you.

Men’s foundations
We know you guys don’t really just throw on whatever looks clean (at least, we hope that’s not true when it comes to dates). But do you know what your favorite pair of date-night drawers says about you? Our style experts do.

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