This month in Architect Magazine, Claire and I revisit Jackson, Miss., to see what's new in economic development and architecture.

Local Market

U.S. Courthouse, Jackson, Miss. (Courtesy H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture)

When we think about architecture in the South, we tend to envision Greek Revival double-gallery mansions, Gothic Revival churches, and Italianate and Beaux-Arts commercial and government structures. But architects in Jackson, Miss., are now threading modern lines and materials into this historic fabric.

“Vernacular Southern architecture holds a nostalgic sway that yields both good and faithful replicas as well as strange translations into modern materials,” explains Anne Marie Decker, AIA, a principal of Jackson-based Duvall Decker Architects. “The best influence of vernacular architecture is an understanding of how to capitalize on the range of Southern light and shadow, and how to shape buildings for the climate.” (Click here to keep reading)