One man would like to invite a member of his singles’ ministry group out…but how, exactly?

Dear Margot,
Our singles’ ministry does a lot of group activities. I always end up sitting with the same woman. I’d like to see her outside the group, but I feel awkward about asking. I don’t want to be seen as breaking up the group or risk being rejected.

There are a boat load of things here that are definitely in your favor.

How do I get over this?
– Nervous Ned

Dear Ned,
Even if there’s nothing to lose, even if you’ve done it a thousand times, even if you’re sure she’ll say “yes,” asking someone out is always hard. And it’s even harder when, as you say, there might be more riding on the outcome than a simple cup of coffee. But before we start worrying about the end, let’s increase our confidence in the beginning. Finish reading here.