Group Training & Workshops

Communications Skills Development that Gets results

Sure, you could buy an off-the-shelf session to develop existing talent or prepare new hires for their jobs. Or you could invest in a training program  tailored to your specific needs and based on the quality of work you want.

I work with you to design cost-efficient professional development that targets your/your team's specific content challenges or skills gaps, delivers proven and purpose-built interventions and strategies, builds individual and team capacity, tracks progress and improvement, and produces measurable ROI.

Check out our half-day trainings and single-session workshops.

Half- & Full-day SESSIONS

Making a big bet on organizational capacity and skills development? Bring me in for a full-day (or two half-days) of training. Choose from one of our popular packages or email me about designing a custom curriculum tailor-made to meet your needs.

I have had the privilege of working with Margot for over 15 years. I first met her when I attended one of her workshops and was impressed with her approach to writing, editing and publishing. I have since hired and worked with Margot on corporate training for all staff to improve their writing skills as well as hired her as an individual coach for many of our employees. Her approach resonates with her students, as she allows each individual to develop their own writing style while giving them the tools to be more effective in telling their story with a purpose. She has developed a writing playbook that has become the gold standard for our organization including such fundamental tools as her People-Information-Goals Strategy. One of Margot’s strengths is her outgoing personality and her candidness in fostering open communication with her students while providing constructive feedback.

Josée Rheault

Retired Executive Vice President of Operations, Assuris

Writers' Workshop

The keys to planning and producing  high-quality content

The package that started it all, this session includes our three most popular and foundational classes: Gold Standards, Smart Starts and 9 Fixes. And it’s perfect for supporting teams of writers within and across the organization and/or onboarding new hires. Writers’ Workshop establishes the standard of quality your content needs to meet and uses examples of that standard to show how its done. Then we review practices and processes to produce that standard, increasing individual and team capacity for creating more, better work. We also discuss how to help each other with better feedback and clearer roles. Each participant receives a playbook of the standards, models and strategies. Run time: 4-5 hours. WW can be combined with individual or group coaching or Process & Priorities to create a full-day training opportunity.

Time & Priority Management

A framework for producing great work fast without burning out

This half-day workshop begins with a review of your organization’s current process for scoping and estimating tasks and projects and assessing competing priorities. We workshop some options to identify and streamlining bottlenecks and friction to create a new approach that eases tension, reduces stress and meets deadlines and benchmarks. Then we discuss strategies to order priorities and limit conflict, introduce a tactic for estimating time required for projects and a framework for managing time more efficiently. Finally, we explore a more efficient way to ask for and give feedback. Participants leave the workshop with a sense of agency and skills to help them produce high-quality work, deliver exceptional customer service and avoid overwhelm. Run time: 4-6 hours. P&P can be combined with individual or group coaching or Writer’s Workshop to create a full-day training opportunity.

Climate Communication

Strategies for influencing action

Research from the Yale Program for Climate Change Communication shows that personal narratives from “people like me” are the most effective way to change minds and spur action. This series operationalizes the research with four workshops that outline the traits of effective climate communication; introduce tips for blending data, examples and explanations to avoid anxiety and overwhelm; help identify and craft personal and/or organizational climate connection narratives; and advocate effectively for your position. This is ideal for organizational teams writing about climate and environmental issues as part of the mission or ESG initiatives. It’s also effective for environmental educators and interpreters. We also have a version tailored to high school students. Run time: 5-6 hours. CS can be combined with 9 Fixes to or a round-robin trouble-shooting session to create a full-day training opportunity.

Very, very informative. I'll actually use the writing techniques ASAP. It was fun!

Single-SESSION Workshops

Writing well takes effort. We don't need to make it harder. Our workshops focus on the most pressing obstacles to quality content and feature tactics based on decades of experience in newsrooms, corporate communications departments and consulting. We even throw in some academic and industry research. These workshops make great lunch-n-learns or conference presentations.

Looking for one-on-one instruction? You want coaching.

Margot has provided multiple learning sessions for the Environmental Educators of North Carolina's Annual Conference over the last few years. Her sessions are engaging and cover ‘hot topics’ that help our statewide network learn more about how to share the story of the amazing work they do, both internally in their organizations and externally to other stakeholders. She has received high feedback each time she presents and participants value her knowledge and experience.

Michelle Pearce,

Programming Lead, Environmental Educators of North Carolina

9 Easy Fixes

Easy-to-implement revision tactics that produce an immediate positive impact on writing quality and effectiveness. That's why I call them the magic beans. Run time: 60 minutes.

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Writing for Advocacy

Our most popular conference session, this workshop helps participants capture the power of their idaes. It’s especially effective as a board or volunteer engagement activity, a public program for members and allies, a capacity or skills-builder for community activists and advocates, or for trade and industry conference attendees. Run time: 45-90 minutes.

Download the Power of Your Ideas playbook.

Stronger Data Stories

Data’s great, but it’s not an effective lever to move most people. This session introduces an approach for  contextualizing relevant data to create a more influential story. It's ideal for science, tech and climate communicators or anyone working in a data-rich storytelling environment. A session for high school students is also available. Run time: 45-60 minutes.

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Gold Standards

A process to produce content consistently and quickly with fewer cycles and higher quality. Perfect for internal teams, external vendors and individual writers. Run Time: 60-75 minutes.

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Smart Starts

Proven strategies to plan and produce content that includes the most relevant information, sends the right message and engages the intended audience. Run Time: 90 minutes.

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Writing Short

Writing short requires a keen focus and potent content -- and this strategy captures both. Ideal for any kind of microcontent: weekly updates, blogs, status updates and blurbs. Run Time: 45-60 minutes.

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