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Skills Development that Gets results

Sure, you could buy an off-the-shelf coaching solution to develop existing talent or prepare new hires for their jobs. Save your time and money. Get a training program or coaching engagement tailored to your specific needs and based on the quality of work you want.

I work with you to design cost-efficient professional development that targets your/your team's specific content creation challenges or skills gaps, delivers proven and purpose-built interventions and strategies, builds individual and team capacity, tracks progress and improvement, and produces measurable ROI. 

"Very, very informative. I'll actually use the writing techniques ASAP. It was fun!"


Writing well takes effort. We don't need to make it harder. Our workshops focus on the most pressing obstacles to quality content and feature tactics based on decades of experience in newsrooms, corporate communications departments and consulting. We even throw in some academic and industry research. Workshops are offered on-site or virtually or in half- and full-day sessions for your team.

Looking for one-on-one instruction? You want coaching.

Gold Standards

A process to produce content consistently and quickly with fewer cycles and higher quality. Perfect for internal teams, external vendors and individual writers.

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Smart Starts

Proven strategies to plan and produce content that includes the most relevant information, sends the right message and engages the intended audience.

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9 Easy Fixes

Easy-to-implement revision tactics that produce an immediate positive impact on writing quality and effectiveness. That's why I call them the magic beans.

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Writing Short

Writing short requires a keen focus and potent content -- and this strategy captures both. Ideal for any kind of microcontent: weekly updates, blogs, status updates and blurbs.

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Finding Your Voice

Authencity, trustworthiness and credibility are built on voice and tone. These tips help you develop a brand or individual voice that customers and stakeholders respond to positively.

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Be More Persuasive

Learn to balance your ideas against audience needs to create a persuasive message. Great for all writers, especially sales teams, advocates and nonprofit leaders. 

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See me in action!

View the recording of my virtual group training on opinion and persuasive writing for the North Carolina AIDS Action Network's coalition of advocates and partners.

These workshops target challenges facing most organizations. If you've got a special issue that needs solving, let's talk. We can work with you to create custom sessions or coaching directed at solving those particular problems.

Want to DIY it? Contact me for discount pricing on bulk orders of Be a Better Writer.

From Our Clients

I have used the [Word Factory’s] Content-Purpose-Audience strategy and it has made me a faster writer. And I’ve introduced the strategy to my team. They love it.
Yolanda Stephen

Former Instructional Designer, Aflac

I just love Margot. I take away a lot from her writing sessions that helps me with the client newsletter.

Jeffrey Long

Member, Western North Carolina AIDS Project