Writing is hard enough for a lot of us. Writing 140 thoughtful characters is pretty paralyzing. At least that's what I hear every few days from folks struggling to use Twitter strategically. I think it's why there are so many "auto-tweets" out there (read a cautionary tale here). Which usually make for boring reading because, let's face it, a tweet's not much different from a headline. Bland headline = bland auto-tweet.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We periodically look at tweets that resonate with our team and distill what makes them good. Yes, it's the old Gold Standards back in action, even on a measly 140 characters! But doing a "close read" like this yields so much good information. You can do this, too, of course, or you can just check out our latest distillation:

Types of Tweets That Get Us Talking


  • If new clamp-down takes, you won't be able to blog about how TSA dudes just groped you https://bit.ly/aSQIqs <-- in-air wi-fi called a threat
  • Napping at work is good for you (I knew it!): https://bit.ly/bbCWSe (via @GuyKawasaki)


  • Great opportunity to make a difference in #Haiti as an intern: www.hands.org/intern #charitytuesday
  • Join me today at 1 pm for The Future of Marketing: 60 leading thinkers, 60 seconds each, 60 key insights: https://j.mp/fom10 #FOM10


  • Do you have a personal social media strategy? You better! https://s.hbr.org/95zGZk
  • Checking out some new #presentation tools -- smart pens, #animation apps and #screencasting. Any reccs?


  • HOW TO: Define the Role of Your Social Media Team - https://on.mash.to/9hFkDK
  • Product Blog: Macworld looks at how Spootnik bridges Basecamp and OmniFocus https://bit.ly/a7AWlB

Call to Action

  • Read this: Basics for Aspiring Business Owners https://bit.ly/d7PtnP (via @bw)
  • Enter this contest to win a trip to the greatest place on earth, the Ritz-Carlton: https://bit.ly/cWXzex


  • @chrisbrogan has a great interview in @globeandmail on building a valuable company https://bit.ly/aiQwj2
  • Well done @morganb: Social Business Means Redefining What Business Is bit.ly/bg0Ptn

Try coming up with your own tweets in these categories with these models as your guides. Now git to tweetin'!

Read this post if you need advice on how to write short.

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