A near-Rockwellian turkey from my past.

Lots of our small business clients want to "do" social media, but they think it's a huge time sink and are unsure of the upside. Legit, because if you're not being strategic about social media, it's all those bad things and more. Folks are especially confused about how to use Twitter, and particularly how to use Twitter for CRM. Here's an tale of excellent small business Tweeting:

I needed to source a Thanksgiving turkey in Seattle, and I had a lot of requirements owing to our flight schedule and my mother-in-law's shattered wrist. I turned to my friends and family in Jet City via Twitter and Facebook to find a purveyor of a free-range, unfrozen bird ready for pick-up on Wednesday and ready to cook up on Thursday. The consensus was clear: Bill the Butcher. I was sent links to his Tweetstream and his web page. That right there is proof enough that if you're a retail/restaurant business, you need a social presence to make referrals easy.

I was intrigued, but needed to verify a few tidbits of info. I could have called, but I hate the phone, so I Tweeted to @theonlymeat and to my delight my queries were answered quickly.

Not only that, but @theonlymeat thanked the people who referred me. That's great business all the way 'round. My friends and fam feel great about helping me and supporting a business they love. I feel great because my needs were met. And Bill probably feels pretty good, too, since he's got a new customer. All that through social media.

What are you doing to help your loyal customers create new ones? How are you monitoring social media to capitalize on opportunities? How can The Word Factory help?

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Be sure to tune in tomorrow, when I’ll post my interview with the woman behind the Tweets, Terri Ann Johnson, Bill the Butcher’s social media coordinator.