A cute photo of a little girl who goofed

Is your social team ready to respond? Probably not.

For two awards shows in a row, pre-made montages included the wrong image of an honoree, and in one case, a misspelled name. But that's not the news story. After all, mistakes happen. The story is the lack of rapid response by the awarding organizations.

These events require Herculean efforts to pull off -- and it's a testament to the talented people who produce them that there are so few errors. What surprises me is that so few event teams seem to have a social media plan for addressing a mistake in real time. Or if they do have a plan, they don't run the fire drill enough to have the process reliably deployed when needed.

Your take-away: Create a plan for addressing errors at live events, and appoint a person or team to monitor social and produce a rapid and official response. You won't be able to plan the exact wording, of course, but you can have some stock language and an easy-to-implement process to rapidly acknowledge apologize for an error within minutes.