Here's a cool idea from a local company I like a lot (full disclosure: though not a client, we do advise one of the founders from time to time).

Though many people do shop on price and like a discount, more and more a good chunk of these folks consider values along with value. They want to know who's behind the product or service. Relationships still matter, even (especially?) in a bad economy. Folks want to feel good about the hard-earned cash they're spending, and that includes knowing who they're spending it with. It's a good way to get folks in the door. And it's key to building customer loyalty. That's good for business!

That's why I dig the approach redeemio is taking. In addition to offering me coupons, it enables me to get to know the business owner. Below my "Blizzard for $1" coupon in today's daily email was this interview with the DQ owner:

What are you doing to add values to your communications?


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