Welcome to The Word Factory's brand spankin' new home on the web! Won't you come on in?

If you're new to our little venture, you can learn more about us here. You can also check out what we do and who asks us to do it.

We're excited to be back on the interwebs with a new look and better functionality, including this kooky little blog. We'll be updating every work day, so check back when regularly to find out what we're thinking about, working on or talking over.

In addition to the new web presence, we're thrilled to announce our newest workshop: The Effective Writing Series. It's tailor-made for folks who're looking for work. We'll help you develop a compelling resume and craft a kick-ass cover letter. We also have additional workshops for creating your brand and building a solid elevator pitch. The instruction is based on our tried and true thinking and writing strategies and our own experiences on both ends of the jobs equation. For more information on our training programs, jet over to the What We Do tab.

That's all for now -- gotta get back to the factory floor.