Nothing like starting the week with a little tune cootie from Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

I feel like I’m working in the Seattle office today! Here in Carrboro, it’s in the mid-50s, overcast with fits of rain. Just like in Steve’s hometown. We’ve got lots of great coffee roasted right here in town, but when the weather’s like this, I find myself hankering for the cozy confines of Cloud City Coffee on Roosevelt Ave., where the wireless if fast and free and the people-watching is fantastic. *Sigh* As it is, I’ll take another sip of my locally roasted Guatemala and enjoy Carrtopia.

The factory’s humming this week. We’re in various stages of research, interviews and production for:

  • A spotlight on Worcester, Mass., for Architect magazine
  • Father’s Day content for UNC Health Care
  • A feature story on Ang Lee’s new Woodstock movie for the International Cinematographers Guild Magazine
  • A round-up of shopping, dining and attractions for AirTrans’ inflight magazine, Go

Plus, we’re continuing to hone our out-placement/job-seeking workshop for a financial institution in Charlotte, and developing a writing coaching workshop for a big insurance company in New England.

Yikes! I’d better get back to my desk!